Luisa Parra


Luisa Parra, Case Manager, San Diego, California

Luisa was born in Cartagena, Colombia. She attended the prestigious University of Cartagena School of Law and graduated in 2004. Her thesis was in labor law doing a deep investigation and study of the liquidation of the national telephone company Telecom and its impact on the employees’ and union’s rights.

Luisa is licensed to practice law in her country by the Consejo Superior de a Judicatura. She worked in her country with the legislative branch as a delegate in Bolivar for the National Electoral Committee, and as a member of a Government project to train the judicial members in the systematization of the Judicial branch in early 2005. She also worked with the well known law firm of Nora Daza de Amador before moving to the United States in the middle of 2005.

Luisa has been accepted by California Western School of Law Comparative Law program for foreign lawyers and is planning to attend the program next year. She is working on her English skills and taking paralegal classes to become more familiar with the Common Law system that differs greatly from the Civil Law tradition.